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Stun Guns & Weapons

Stun guns, stun batons, cell phone stun guns, flashlight and handheld tasers are Electroshock self defense weapons that administer an electric shock by direct contact. Rechargeable stun gun Electroshock weapon technology uses a temporary high-voltage low-current electrical discharge to override the body's muscle-triggering mechanisms. The recipient is immobilized via two metal probes connected to the electroshock stun gun. The recipient feels pain, and can be momentarily paralyzed while an electric current is being applied. It is reported that applying electroshock devices to more sensitive parts of the body is even more painful. The maximum effective areas for stun gun usage are upper shoulder, below the rib cage, and the upper hip. High voltages are used, but because most devices use a high frequency alternating current, the skin effect prevents a lethal amount of current from traveling into the body. The resulting "shock" is caused by muscles twitching uncontrollably, appearing as muscle spasms.

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