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Outdoor Antennas

Outdoor hdtv antenna or TV aerial are directional High Def digital television antennas that mounted on rooftop and attic. Outdoor HDTV antennas generally consists of multiple conductive elements. Our HDTV outdoor antenna receives both UHF and VHF High definition digital signals; the built-in amplifier gives our outdoor tv antenna a 150 mile long range frequency gain. Also the length of the conductive elements is about one half of the signal wavelength which also provides better reception and signal gain. The longer elements for picking up VHF frequencies are in the "back" of the Outdoor TV antennas, relative to the device's directionality, and the much shorter UHF elements are in the front, and the Outdoor antenna works best when pointing to the source of the signal to be received. There is motorized rotor built-in in our outdoor digital tv antenna, that can rotate the outdoor antenna with a remote control, which is very convenient when comes to channel tuning.

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