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Indoor Antennas

Indoor digital TV rabbit ear antennas used for HDTV are a simple half-wave high definition digital television antenna with one or a few loop antennas for UHF band that are made to be placed indoors; often these indoor antennas are referred to as rabbit ears or bunny aerials. The length of the indoor rabbit ears TV antenna is usually one half of the wavelength of the received UHF/VHF digital TV signal. Indoor TV antennas are bi-directional, that is, they transmit evenly forward and backwards and display an even gain from both sides. For this reason, they are not ideal for receiving long distance weak signals; however, the signal gain can be improved with a low noise amplifier. For nearby stations such as in a major city, they are usually the easiest and cheapest solution to get UHF or VHF HDTV signals. These simple amplified antennas are also referred to as indoor digital TV antennas.

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