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Hidden Camera Tips

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What a hidden camera can do?

If you’re looking for effective ways to keep your own family and belongings safe, then you might need to take into account acquiring a Hidden Camera.

As an example,

  • It could be a wise decision to help keep track of the nanny when you are away, as this will ensure that she is actually taking good care of your kids. Go to our catergory in "Spy Camera Solution > Nanny Camera"
  • Having "Spy Camera Solution > Office Hidden Camera" in your business to keep track of the employees or partners
  • Take a "Portable Body Worn Hidden Camera or Battery Operated Hidden Camera" to protect your properties when you are on a bussniess trip, vacation, or outdoor activies. 
  • Keep your home and family safe with our "Home Hidden Camera or SD Card Hidden Camera" you will know that whether your home is protected and if anything ever goes missing you have all the evidence you need.
  • Long time recording with "Motion Activated Hidden Camera or SD card Hidden Camera"
  • If you have your own DVR, We also have a wide selection of "Wireless Hidden Camera or Wired Hidden Camera". Customize your own surveillance system, that you take with you for live recording or easily move around your home depending on your surveillance needs. For example, you can buy different covert wired/wireless cameras (Clock, doorbell, lamp, table fan, radio, etc.) and placing them into different rooms, which no one would find. 

We offer different types of Hidden Cameras, whether it's for office use, hidden cameras setting up for your home, or just Hidden Camera for special purposes, we have all the surveillance equipments you need.


How to choose your hidden camera?

Whatever the reasons are, it is very important to purchase covert cameras which have ways to blend themselves in with the surroundings so they won’t be noticed. For instance, one type of Coverts Camera can look just like a basic Wall Clock, with the exception that inside the wall clock is a small Hidden Camera that no one will be able to notice.Hidden Camera also cab be found in other forms, such as a Boom Box, Smock Detector, Plants, Watch or Toys, and any other standard household or office device that can blend in well with the settings.

Things you need to think before you buy:

1. What is the reason for purchasing this hidden camera?

  • Nanny camera to make sure your children are taken good care of by your nanny.
  • To find out whether a spouse is cheating.
  • Home security surveillance system to keep home possessions safe.
  • Office security surveillance system for employers to keep track of  their employees.
  • Stores security surveillance system to keep out of thieves.  
  • For scientific use.
  • For investigation purpose.

2. Where will you put this hidden camera?

  • Outdoor or Indoor.
  • Can the hidden camera get power from the environment to run.
  • Is the hidden camera going to be moved frequently.
  • What is the lighting situation for the hidden camera. (Night Vision Infrared or Regular one)
  • Are you able to connect the hidden camera with an output TV monitor(If you are, you can choose the old fashion wire hidden camera, the BC serie). 

3. Do you want the hidden camera to record and view the result at a later time?

  • Recording time
  • What is your memory requirement for the hidden camera?
  • Do you want motion activated hidden camera or self-recording hidden camera?

4. What are my options? Check Out