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LAVA Omnipro HDTV Antenna RV & Marine, RVHD-2015

$159.95 $87.00
(You save $72.95)

LAVA Omnipro HDTV Antenna RV & Marine, RVHD-2015

$159.95 $87.00
(You save $72.95)
1 ~ 2 days process the order & 3 ~ 5 days to deliver

Product Specification

Most Advanced antenna with 360 Degree Multi Directional Features, Omnidirectional. Can use Both Outdoor and Indoor

Perfect for Outdoor//RV/Boat/Caravans,special designed to use in moving veihcle and boat.

The most advanced special designed omnidirectional antenna for moving recreational vehicles (RV's, Boats and Caravans), can receive up to 80 miles. Signal that does not fade while in the moving vehicle or boat.360 degree for digital outdoor analog and terrestrial HDTV broadcasting reception, yes, no need to rotate.

With unique technology "SMD", ensures excellent performance of all OMNIPRO series antennas (RVHD-2000,RVHD-2015,HD-8000,HD-8008), provides high gain, low noise amplification.

Can be used as outdoor antenna with its waterproof and UV resistant designed housing, injection molded ASA material with super durability and surface tested to withstand imoacts from all weather condition.

Products Features:

  • For both analog and digital TV signal reception, HDTV compatible / Analog TV with converter box
  • Built-in high gain and low noise amplifier, shielded for minimum interference, unique technology "SMD"
  • Omnidirectional characteristics: You DON'T have to adjust your antenna pointing to different direction. This Multi directional antenna provides excellent non-adjustments to receive tv channels more easily.
  • Receive excellent UHF, VHF, AM/FM band signal from every point regardless the directotion you are traveling.
  • Ideal Distance 40-60 miles (reach up to 100 miles)
  • 12' Width  x  8' Height  x  5' inches
  • Received up to 100+ Free HD Channels (Depends on surrounding Condition)

Technical Data:

Noise Figure
Max output level
75 ohm
DC Output
12 V / 50mA

Included in Package: Before start your installation, please check the contents.

  1. Antenna main unit
  2. Mounting accessories

Easy Installation, follow the installation steps in the user manual

Installation:(See how in Instruction PDF)

Step 1: Decide location of power supply before mounting your antenna. Antenna and power supply location will determine where and how you run the cables. DO NOT install the antenna before you read this instruction.

Step 2: Drill a hole thru the roof to run cable from the antenna into your vehicle. Or if your vehicle have a cable hole already, run the cable thru hole to the antenna.

Step 3: Using 4 self-tapping screw to securely fasten antenna mount to the roof. Do not over tighten the mounting bolts, damage to the mounting stand or roof may occur.

Step 4: Use cable tool to drive the cable into the mounting bracket on the underside of the antenna, aligning the end of the connector with the F connector on the antenna. Turn cable tool until the connector is tight and remove the cable tool.

Step 5: After cable connector is made, slide antenna onto the mount. Gently pull back any extra cable inside vehicle.

Step 6: Fasten antenna to mount using self-tapping screw and hex nuts. Tighten firmly to prevent antenna from turning on mount or mast.

Step 7: Connect power supply MP-002 kits (not included in this package)

Operation Instruction:
Note: For the best reception,Please check the following conditions

  1. Keep the antenna away from the sources of interference: keep the antenna away from those big power consumption devices,such as air conditioner,elevator,hair dryer and microwave oven...etc.
  2. Place the antenna near windows when use the antenna in indoor environment.
  3. Install the antenna as high as possible: in digital terrestrital reception,if there are some interceptions between antenna and transmission tower, it will cause the signal loss temporary. So if the antenna is installed as possible, those interceptions will be reduced.

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