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[Kit] Lava Weatherproof Omnidirectional TV Antenna OmniPro HD-8008

$149.00 $79.95
(You save $69.05)

[Kit] Lava Weatherproof Omnidirectional TV Antenna OmniPro HD-8008

$149.00 $79.95
(You save $69.05)
1 ~ 2 days process the order & 3 to 5 days to deliver

Product Specification

The Best Antenna with 360 Degree Multi Directional Features. Can use Both Outdoor and Indoor

20% more gain with power inserter (included)

Perfect range 20-75 miles/RV/Boat (up to 130 miles)

This is a special designed new concept omnidirectional antenna for digital outdoor analog and terrestrial HDTV broadcasting reception. It is the
best solution for home reception and digital portable TV reception. Complete accessories are included for wall or pole mounting. With the anti-UV
and water proof housing, it can be used both indoor and outdoor.Receiving up to 100 HDTV Channels

Products Features:

  • Anti-UV coating and waterproof design.
  • Lightweight, compact size and easy to install.
  • For both analog and digital TV signal reception
  • Built-in high gain and low noise pre-amplifier
  • Omnidirectional characteristics: You DON'T have to adjust your antenna pointing to different direction. This Multi directional antenna provides excellent non-adjustments to receive tv channels more easily.
  • reception in different directions
  • With dipole inbuilt for the excellent UHF and VHF band signal reception.
  • Specially Compatible with HDTV of various digital terrestrial signal
  • Receiving up to 100 HDTV Channels
  • Ideal Distance 20-75 miles (reach up to 130 miles)

Mobile Use Available

Technical Data:

Working Voltage
DC Input
12 V

Included in Package: Before start your installation, please check the contents.

  1. Antenna main unit
  2. Mounting accessories
  3. Water-proof kit
  4. AC/DC power adaptor
  5. Power inserter

Installation:(See how in Instruction PDF)

  1. This antenna can be used both indoor and outdoor, with the included mounting accessories,it can be mounted on the wall or the pole.
  2. use the screws and wall mounting accessories to fix the antenna on the wall
  3. Using the mounting accessories to fix the antenna on the balcony.
  4. Use the pole mounting accessories to fix the antenna on the pole.
  5. Available for mobile use
  6. Connect the “F” male connector of the coaxial cable to the “F” female connector of the antenna, and wear the waterproof
  7. cap to the end of the connected “F” connector.

Operation Instruction:
Note: For the best reception,Please check the following conditions

  1. Keep the antenna away from the sources of interference: keep the antenna away from those big power consumption devices,such as air conditioner,elevator,hair dryer and microwave oven...etc.
  2. Place the antenna near windows when use the antenna in indoor environment.
  3. Install the antenna as high as possible: in digital terrestrital reception,if there are some interceptions between antenna and transmission tower, it will cause the signal loss temporary. So if the antenna is installed as possible, those interceptions will be reduced.

Recommend add-on option:

TV Antenna Jpole - 20" mast with a 1" diameter is ideally suited for our LAVA Outdoor Antenna and most antenna models in the market.

The J-Pole has a pivoting foot, which allows installation on vertical or horizontal surfaces. Mounting hardware is included.

40 ft of RG6 cable with Female/ Malle Coaxial F-Connectors.

Flat Cable - Used for windows and doors, Great for RV's, sliding glass patio doors, windows. Close thedoor or window on the flat RG6.

We are the Manufacture Direct with the Best Price in the Market!

All orders shipped within 24hr after your payment has been verified!

100% Customer satisfaction.

Similar Model Retail over $120.00 at a major retailer!




Since the antenna can be aimed in any particular direction, you will be able to pick up TV signals much better than with a regular antenna. This is the perfect solution for any rural or suburban area. We have sold over 10,000 units to our customers, please read some of their reviews in the customer review section.



YES! The antenna works on any standard TV or HDTV. You can use your analog TVs but at the same time have the access to digital TV broadcasts.

YES! HDTV broadcasts quality is often superior to the quality of the same HD programs received through a paid satellite subscription. Not only the quality is better, OTA HDTV is free of charge. To pick up HD signals you will need a HD antenna.

YES! HD antennas are much easier on the budget. Take a look at our HDTV Antenna selection.

YES!Over 90% of HDTV broadcasts are on the UHF band. Unless there are HDTV broadcasts on the VHF band in your area, don't bother with VHF antennas. These antennas are typically of much bigger size, more expensive and more difficult to install. In principle, you can buy a VHF/UHF antenna to cover both bands

YES!If you want to pick up signals coming from different directions you need either two directional antennas or an antenna rotator.

To check the available channel around your area, please click Antenna Web.

# If the closest broadcasting tower is above 60 miles away from your location, the HD-2605, HD-8008 would pick up the most channel for you.

# If the closest broadcasting tower is located between 40-60 miles away from your place, the HD-2805,HD-8000 would have the best result to pick up the most channel.

# If the distance between your place and the nearest broadcasting tower is below 40 miles, you can check our Indoor HDTV Antenna section for best result.


hdtvantenna Small Multi-directional antenna: The smallest of TV antennas, they receive equally well from all directions. In yellow color code areas where signal strength is highest and away from reflecting structures or low areas. Best antenna type BA-200BA-463HD-600
hdtvantenna Medium Multi-directional: Somewhat larger and slightly more powerful Best antenna type. Green color code areas. An amplified antenna is recommended in the green area anytime a long (20 feet or more) cable run from the antenna is required, or when more than one device (TV or VCR) is to be used with an antenna. They work best away from reflecting structures or low areas.BA-200HD-600
hdtvantenna Large Multi-directional/Small Directional: Bigger in size, these antennas receive more signal power. Better for greater distances from signal source and areas with low signal strength. antennas are needed in a light green zone. These antennas are capable of receiving weaker HDTV signals when no significant multipath (ghost) conditions exist, i.e no reflective structures nearby. When mounted at rooftop heights (30 feet or higher) outdoors, amplified antennas can be used in light green color code areas away from reflecting structures or low areas. Best antenna type HD-700ABA-230
hdtvantenna Medium DirectionalMost popular rooftop antenna because of its modest size and ghost reducing characteristics. If there are ghost producing reflective structures near TV receiver antenna location, this kind of antenna is best for yellow, green, light green and red color code areas. Amplified antennas with rooftop mounting can be used with the blue color code. Best antenna type HD-2605HD2805HD8000BA2605BA2805
hdtvantenna Large Directional:Large antennas used in weak signal areas for maximum possible TV reception. Can be used in any color code area, but requires an amplifier and roof mounting for blue and violet color codes. Amplifiers are not recommended for yellow color codes. Best antenna type HD2605HD2805HD8000HD8008BA2605


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