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WA-2608 360 Degree Rotation Ultra Remote Controlled HD TV Antenna with Control Box


WA-2608 360 Degree Rotation Ultra Remote Controlled HD TV Antenna with Control Box

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Product Specification

One tv antenna for Two tvs. One-time fee for product only then watching hdtv for free with no additional cost. 

Receiving HDTV, SDTV, VHF, UHF and FM signal.


    • HDTV Antenna WA-2608 is an outdoor antenna that can reach up to 150 miles singal away from TV tower broadcasting. Can receive VHF, UHF and FM frenquencey over United States and Canada. Good to use for long range tv signal reception. The specific channels reception cannot be gaureenteed various restrictions. However, you can inspect the reception map by enter you Zip Code for a general idea of what channels you may be able to receive with the antenna
    • The antenna with 360 degree rotation feature allow you to point the antenna to certain directly in order to receive the best tv singal result.
    • Cut your cable with one-time purchase antenna, save you the money for high cable bills.
    • Two TV output on the control box which allow you to connect at least two TV without using a tv antenna splitter.

Package included:

  • 1x WA-2608 tv antenna unit
  • 1x antenna control box
  • 1x antenna power adapter
  • 1x 40ft Coaxial Cable
  • 1x antenna remote control

Customer review:

  • There are many reviews of the 2605, only 2 of the 2608, which are quite similar. I'll post this on 2608 page, as well.

    First, I can tell from many of the negative reviews that some people just don't understand how these things work. One review said they didn't like how they lost signal while rotating. Well, duh. It is made to rotate so you can point it toward different markets/towers. If you rotate AWAY from what you're watching, then of course you will lose signal.

    Second, as far as the construction, YES, it does appear kind of flimsy, lightweight, and the box/instructions do have that "made in China for flea markets" feel. But, I was not deterred. We'll see how it survives life here in thunderstorm/tornado alley (south central KY). Admittedly, we've only had it up for a day-but we'll see.

    Third, the remote for the rotator IS stupid. This is so far my only CON. For whatever reason, it has two buttons. And, as I have read in some other reviews, one would assume the right button rotates right, and the left button rotates left. I have found this to not be the case. Now, I MAY have put weak batteries in the remote, but it seems like a poor design. It seems like you have to be pointing "just-so" at the control box for it to work. Anyway, as far the buttons, I have no idea why there are two on the remote, as there is only one on the control box itself. What I found yesterday is that when you push one of the buttons, the antenna rotates one way. Let off said button, push it again, and it rotates the OTHER way. The rotor is SMART in that its not TRULY 360 degrees, more like 358 or whatever. Once it spins so far, it automatically starts spinning the other way. So, the coax never gets wrapped around the mast very far.

    As far as reception is concerned, it does well. To be fair (and I'm not sure of the exact ASL at my house) we ARE kind of high up, and the nearest treeline is about 1000' feet away. BUT, said treeline is directly between us and Bowling Green. Just pointing the antenna about where I assumed it needed to be to get the most, we got about 30 signals. 6 of them (lame Jeebus stuff-some of it in Spanish!) I blacklisted off our TV's channel list, but we still get plenty. Our TV is a run-of-the-mill Sylvania 32". The BG stations almost top the meter with this antenna, and the Nashville stations we get now are as strong as BG stations were with an amplified indoor antenna. AND, it should be noted, I did my scan in day time, on a cloudy day.

    The first night we get clear skies around here, I bet we get a few more!

    BTW, I wonder how many people getting into this arena of OTA TV are aware of doing a double-rescan. Google it, folks, you'll be amazed to learn how DTV works, how the station you're watching ISN'T actually on the same channel it was when it was analog, and how your TV stores this info!
  • My wife purchased this antenna against my wishes, I did not believe it would work! To keep peace at home (a happy wife is a good life) I put the antenna together and set it on the counter as I did not think it would work. I disconnected my Direct tv to prove to my wife it was a waste of money. Needless to say you could pick my jaw up off the floor when it picked up over 60 channels in the center of high rise buildings. I called Direct tv the next day and cancelled my $150. a month service and now have FREE TV. I put the antenna on a pole and screwed it directly into my direct tv splitter and have tv in all rooms of my house. I would strongly recommend this antenna to everyone. We have had it for 6 months now with NO problems what so ever and that is saying alot when you live on beachside in Daytona Beach Florida. Beachside is harsh on everything and the antenna is going strong with no problems. We also have a home in NC where the winters can be harsh and NO problems what so ever with that antenna either. Great product, why pay $1800. a year for what you can get for free. AND although I can't speak spanish it picks up Spanish channels as well.

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