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Self Defense Rechargeable Stun Gun 1.2 Million Volt BKL805

$109.00 $49.00
(You save $60.00)

Self Defense Rechargeable Stun Gun 1.2 Million Volt BKL805

$109.00 $49.00
(You save $60.00)
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Product Specification


BKL-805 is a high voltage rechargeable stun gun flashlight, it has 3 super bright LED light bulbs. This stun gun produces 1.2 million Volts of zapping power, can stop any attackers or intruders.


  • 1,200,000 Volts of High voltage Stun Gun
  • Built-in LED Flashlight 
  • Small and compact for easy carrying and concealability 
  • Built-in rechargeable NiMH battery
  • Full charge lasts up to 90 days
  • Safety switch
  • Wrist strap 
  • FREE holster


Source voltage:6V

Output pulse voltage: 1,200,000 Volts

Current consumption:



Size: 32x182mm

Stun Guns Facts:

  • The BKL805 conducts 1.2 million volt, which is enough to completely incapacitate any attacker without doing any permanent damage.
  • Connecting the electrodes to a person's body releases high-voltage electrical energy at a frequency pattern designed to interfere with the neurological impulses that travel through the human body to control voluntary muscle movement.
  • 1/4 second of contact from a stun gun will stop the attacker
  • 2 Seconds of contact will cause the attacker’s muscle spasms and disorientation.
  • 3 Seconds or more will cause intense pain, loss of balance, muscle control, and mental disorientation, causing the attacker to fall to the ground, leaving them unable to recover for several minutes or longer
  • Keep out of reach of children


How to use your Stun Gun

1.Testing the Stun Gun

Make sure that no part of your hand or body is closer to the contact probes than the switch and safety zone plate. Getting closer than this to the contact probes can result in receiving a mild shock.

When you press the switch, a charge will fire across the front of the unit between the test probes.

It will continue to fire as long as you hold the switch in, and will cease firing the moment you release the switch and allow it to return to it's normal position. Fire a test charge for only a one second duration as a longer fire may damage the probes and will deplete the battery very quickly.

After test firing, you will need to discharge the unit. This is done by touching the units probes against a piece of metal. You will see a final spark and the unit will then be safe. Failure to do so may result in you receiving a shock if you inadvertently touch the probes within 5 minutes of the last test.

2. Points of Contact

It is recommended that you have your stun gun out and ready when walking thru a potential dangerous area such as a parking lot or while walking your dog. Make a habit of it. Stun guns are contact devices and do not shoot anything out of it. The best points of contact would be the upper hip, below the rib cage or the upper shoulders. This is due to there being nerve centers at those points, however the stun gun will work when touched at any point of the body. If touched to an arm or leg - it will stun that limb but it may not affect their whole body. As a rule of thumb - aim for any area on the torso. Hold the stun gun against the assailant as long as is necessary to incapicitate them and allow you to escape. (1-5 seconds depending on voltage)

While using you cannot suffer a charge back to your own body, even if the assailant is holding you.

Our product are very easy to use and have both a safety switch as well as trigger switch. If at anytime you have questions, feel free to contact us.

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