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Personal Briefcase Alarm

RRP: $29.90
$19.90 (You save $10.00)

Product Specification

It is a mini Briefcase Alarm equipped with a keypad to set your personal secret code. It detects Un-authorized movements to your briefcase and/or other valuable belongings. There are three different alarm sounds and alarm time settings for you to select.

Installation & Operation:


  1. Unscrew the battery cover on the back of the Briefcase Alarm.
  2. Follow the polarity instructions positive (+), negative (-) inside the battery compartment and install 3pcs of fresh AG13/1.5V batteries (included).
  3. Replace the battery cover and screw.

How to Set the Personal Secret Code?

  1. After installing 3pcs of AG13/1.6V batteries, the RED LED will flash continuously.
  2. Choose a 4-degit secret code and then press this code on the front panel buttons of Briefcase Alarm. Please DO NOT includes F as your secret code. ONLY use digits as your secret code. For example, 1111 or 1231…etc.
  3. After pressing the selected 4-digit secret code, you will hear 4 beeps and RED LED will stop flashing. At this point the secret code has been successfully set.

How to Change/Reset the Personal Secret Code?

  1. Make sure the Briefcase Alarm is not in ARMED mode.
  2. Press F and the present 4-digit secret code.
  3. You will hear 4 short beeps and see the RED LED flash continuously.
  4. Press a new 4-digit secret code and 4 long beeps will sound to indicate that the new 4-digit secret code has been successfully set.
  5. If the new 4-digit secret code is not keyed-in within 5 seconds or within the time period of RED LED flashes, the new 4-digit code will not be successfully set and you will need to restart the Change/Reset secret code process again.

How to ARM/DISARM the Briefcase Alarm?

  1. Press F twice and you will see the RED LED flash for 5 seconds. The Briefcase Alarm will then be in ARMED mode.
  2. If you press F & the correct 4-digit secret code, you will hear two beeps and the alarm will have been disarmed successfully.
  3. If the incorrect secret code is keyed-in, two brief warning beeps will sound, you can continuously key-in the correct 4-digit secret code without pressing F.
  4. If your 4-digit secret code is incorrectly keyed-in 3 times in a row, the alarm will sound automatically.

How to Use the Briefcase Alarm?

  1. After arming the Briefcase Alarm, the unit will be able to detect the vibrations and/or movements to your belongings. A “beep” tone will sound to alert users that someone is moving the Briefcase Alarm. If there is no vibration/movement within the next 2 seconds, that unit will return to the ARMED mode.
  2. If the unit continuously detects two or more vibrations/movements within a 2 second period, then an alarm will go sound following a 3 second delay period.
  3. Follow the above instruction to DISARM the alarm.

How to Select Alarm Sound?


  1. There are 3 different alarm sounds, SIREN, TELEPHONE RING & AMBULANCE, for your selection.
  2. Make sure the unit is NOT in its ARMED mode. Press 1 first, then to press F. The LED light will flash twice for every 1 second. At this point you can select the alarm sound. Press 1 to have SIREN for your alarm sound. Press 2 to have TELEPHONE for your alarm sound. Press 3 to have AMBULANCE for your alarm sound.
  3. After selecting the alarm sound, the alarm will sound off for a two seconds demonstration. This is simply for your personal reference.

How to Select the Alarm Time?

  1. There are 3 different alarm-times, 10 secs, 20 secs & 30 secs, for your selection.
  2. Make sure the unit is NOT in its ARMED mode. Press 2 first, then to press F. The LED light will flash twice for every 1 second. Now you can start to select the alarm-time. Press 1 to set the alarm-time for 10 seconds. Press 2 to set the alarm-time for 20 seconds. Press 3 to set the alarm-time for 30 seconds.
  1. The initial alarm-time is set for 20 seconds.

What Else?

How to use Briefcase Alarm as a Panic Alarm?

  • After continuously pressing F for more than 2 seconds, the alarm will immediately go off into its PANIC mode.
  • When Briefcase Alarm is armed, the alarm will go off for 20 seconds (initial alarm-time) if an unauthorized person (thief) attempt; to open the battery cover or cut the wire.
  • Under the ARMED mode, one beep and the flashing of RED LED every 20 seconds will remind you that the battery is weak and should be replaced with fresh batteries. 


  1. You must enter the secret code within the 5-second time limit or the Briefcase Alarm will automatically revert to the pre-existing secret code.
  2. When pressing the buttons on the face of the Briefcase Alarm, a beep must be audible after each button selection. If a beep is not heard, the button has not been properly entered. This process is similar to dialing a phone number on a phone keypad.
  3. When replace new batteries, the secret code will be erased, so you have to re-set 4 digit secret codes after replacing batteries.
  4. If user forgets secret code, please remove batteries & install the batteries again. The old secret code would be erased. New secret code can be set again.

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